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Pink Pink Women's NAOT Flat Women's NAOT Flat Pink Flat NAOT NAOT Kyra Kyra Kyra Women's Women's NAOT Kyra Pink Kyra Women's Pink Kyra NAOT Women's Pink Flat Flat NAOT Women's NAOT Flat Women's Access a Wealth of ACH Information and Resources

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Gain expertise and guidance on NACHA operating rules by joining your Regional Payments Association (RPA). As Direct Members of NACHA, Regional Payments Associations shape the ACH Network and the NACHA Operating Rules. By joining your local Regional Payments Association, your organization will not only benefit from information, resources and ongoing support, but can contribute to the development and future of the ACH Network.

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A Network of Eleven Regional Payments Associations

Located throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Guam, the Regional Payments Associations are specially recognized and licensed providers of ACH education, publications and support. While each Regional Payments Association is a separate organization, their shared mission is to educate ACH Network users and provide information and resources to their members. Representing the diverse breadth of U.S. financial institutions to NACHA, the Regional Payments Associations are key contributors to the NACHA Rulemaking Process, professional accreditation programs, and ACH advocacy and education. NACHA strongly encourages all financial institutions to seek and maintain membership in a Regional Payments Association.

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MACHA - The Mid-Atlantic Payments AssociationNAOT Pink Flat Flat Kyra NAOT Women's Kyra Pink Women's NAOT Women's Women's Pink Flat NAOT Kyra
NEACH - New England ACH Association
Southern Financial Exchange
The Clearing House Payments Authority
UMACHA - Upper Midwest ACH Association
WACHA - The Premier Payments Resource
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Learn more about the Regional Payments Associations: and Initial U Crimson Rainboots Lillybee G White PXE4wwq

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What Organizations are Eligible to Join?

Regional Payments Associations welcome financial institutions, credit unions, corporations, e-commerce companies and payments technology providers as members.

Regional Payments Associations are directly engaged in NACHA rulemaking, ACH accreditation, the Payments Innovation Alliance, committees and initiatives. Membership in an RPA provides the following benefits:

  • The ability to contribute to the development and future of the ACH Network
  • Guidance and operational support on the NACHA Operating Rules
  • Ongoing education and training opportunities
  • Audit services, marketing tools and guidance, publication sales and more
  • The opportunity to act as advocates of the ACH Network to local and state government
  • Member pricing, discounts, and special program opportunities
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Find My Regional Payments Association

To locate your Regional Payments Association, please visit

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Gain an Advantage in the Payments Industry

Access more information on membership and training opportunities.